Herbal Immunity-Boosting Juice

I’ve been a little under the weather lately. Below freezing temperatures, dry central air, combined with the daily stresses of work and not enough sleep, my body is finally saying “ENOUGH!”

I’ve posted about juicing before (check out The Ins and Outs of Juicing ) . I’m a huge fan. I think it’s a great way to sneak in extra nutrients when you are feeling under the weather, or just assist you in reaching your daily quota of fruits & veggies. I no longer own a juicer myself (I currently have a Nutri Bullet, which is almost preferable in the sense that all the fiber and roughage stays intact – as opposed to a juicer, which does strip away those goodies), but during a trip home this past week I decided to break out my dad’s Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer (highly recommended, by the way) and make some juice for myself and the family.

This particular blend of juice that I chose is packed with nutrients and is a great pick me up if you are feeling under the weather and need an immune system boost – loaded with the herbs ginger and turmeric known for their medicinal effects, this blend is anti-inflammatory, anti microbial, rich in antioxidants (Vitamin C, lycopene, caratanoids – all prevent damage to cells), as well as B-vitamins, Vitamin A, and Potassium, among many others.

I can honestly say, I drank a glass of this before I went to bed and another glass in the morning when I woke up, and I felt significantly better. Less congested, more alert, and overall more energetic. In no way is this a magic formula, but there’s no denying the benefits of extra nutrients in times of stress.

Again, this made about 72 ounces of juice – adjust the quantities as needed, but I prefer to make a large quantity at once – less cleanup and makes it less tempting to skip juicing because I don’t feel like cleaning the machine.


2 pounds of carrots
10 apples
1\2 heaping cup ginger pieces (I bought the root and chopped it up)
5 large oranges
2 orange bell peppers
2 TBS turmeric

Wash all produce, well . Each juicer is different and comes with different instructions for use, so follow those set by the manufacturer. The juicer that I used is pretty user friendly and has a pretty strong motor – the (large) oranges needed to be cut into quarters to fit into the opening, and the apples cut into halves, but otherwise everything went in whole. I didn’t peel the oranges – they went in skin and all, but that’s a personal decision. The pepper went in whole (seeds and all) with the exception of the stem. Throw the herbs right in, too.


Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory cold-fighting goodness!

The verdict?

All 72 ounces were gone by morning between 4 people, so I’d say a success! I will be keeping this in my arsenal the next time I’m feeling under the weather. Do you have any favorite juicing recipes to share?

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