The ins & outs of juicing

I love juicing.

I don’t do the whole “detox” thing (people, that’s why we were blessed with a liver and kidneys…) or buy into much of the hype that’s circulating in the media right now, but even as a dietitian it’s hard for me to get the recommended daily servings of fruits & veggies (USDA is recommending ~9 servings of fruits\veggies daily, which translates to about 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of veggies a day).

So, its those times that I’m finding eating healthy to be the most difficult that I do the most juicing.

I bought the Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer
about two years ago and it’s still going strong. The amount of fruit\veggies you can put through this before having to clean it out is insane. I put about 15 apples\12 carrots\5 celery single stalks before having to clean out the reservoir.

I was feeling a little under the weather today and knew I haven’t been eating the way I should.

So today, I made this carrot\apple\celery juice which is pretty freaking delicious.


Chock full of vitamin c ,vitamin a, vitamin k, potassium, and small amounts of iron & calcium. Apples are also full of polyphenols.

The only downside to juicing is you lose out on much of the fiber and alot of the polyphenols\antioxidants found in the skin of the fruit\vegetable, so I do not by any means suggest making juicing your only source of fruit & vegetable intake.

Another thing to remember is that fruit and some vegetables are very high in sugar and without the fiber to slow your body’s absorption it will hit your bloodstream fairly quickly.

However in moderation , juicing is a great supplementation to your diet, and a lot of fun too 🙂

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